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State certified comprehensive water testing for $175.

If your water fails, and you purchase a system from us, we take the cost of the water test off the price of the system!

Free sample pick up for Cumberland, York and Oxford county.

Coliform, e-coli bacteria, p.h., nitrate, nitrite, hardness, chloride, sodium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, fluoride, arsenic, lead, and uranium.

Welcome to the website of Safe Water & Air, located in Raymond, Maine.

We here at Safe Water & Air have been building custom water treatment systems since 2001.

Having filtered water is imperative to good health as well as protecting your home appliances and water system.

By remaining an independent company we are able to offer great prices on systems to remove: Arsenic, Uranium, Chloride, Iron, Hardness, Manganese, fluoride, Manganese, copper, sulfur, sodium, bacteria and many more contaminants.

Our water treatment products can improve the growing of:

• herbs
• cannabis
• flowering plants
• vegetables

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